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Armando & Debra F.

We have been using Debbie (The White Glove Concierge) for over 2 years and I highly recommend her. We find ourselves able to relax while away, knowing she always has everything under control. Whether away for two weeks or just a day, Debbie is always professional and effectively in every way.

We travel often and hate leaving our two dogs at the kennel, as it’s just too stressful for them. Whenever Debbie comes over, the dogs eagerly great her with wagging tails. We know that their many medications will be given without problems and that they will be walked and loved just as if they were her own. In the summer, Debbie swims with them, often twice a day as our Lab is a water lover and in the cooler months takes them on walks.

I’ve often asked Debbie to due various errands for me too, such as returns, shopping and contacting various home maintenance companies, which she always does efficiently and without hesitation. She is excellent at making decisions as to when it is necessary to contact us and knowing what she is capable of handling.

We really can’t say enough positive things about her. She has truly become someone we consider a personal friend. Without hesitation, we highly recommend Debbie.

The White Glove Concierge
Debbie Bachler