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Pet Blog January 2013

As a Pet Nanny I am always observing what my clients are doing for their pets that may be of help to others.

In respect to many different breeds of dogs, I am not recommending any of the products but rather letting you the reader know about them to form your own decision along with your pets Veterinarian if necessary.

One of my pet clients a young male Golden Lab has had anxiety issues and as his owner did not want to try drugs so she opted for a natural product that is dispensed in a small dispenser that is attached to his collar. It is a calming scent that keeps him from feeling anxious. I was skeptical at first but it really works. He receives 1 drop every other day from the dispenser.

I walk two very large golden retrievers and they can send me flying when they want to go 2 different directions at one time. My client found a solution with the Whacky Walker which is sturdy rubber that expands when the dog/s choose to go check something out. It can be separated so just one dog can walk with it as well. It is awesome and saves on the human arm!

Recently I sat an older poodle that I had sat 4 months prior, and there was a huge change in personality between the two sits. She had hid most of the first sit and was completely at ease with me for the last sit. What was the difference you ask, well she was wearing a snug T shirt, nothing special but I believe she felt more secure like in a cocoon and it gave her comfort.

My own dog Buster has been suffering with allergies this past few months and after all the drugs he stays comfortable most days but I am trying different ideas to help. I am washing his laundry more frequently, A Vet friend recommended I wipe him down with a wet paper towel, limit his treats which may have additives and make sure he drinks more water. We felt some relief for his symptoms but I am in pursuit of more.

I welcome feedback from you; Please let me know what has worked for your pet and any ideas you may have to share.

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