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One of my popular services, checking unattended homes for clients, has tested my skills at paying attention to detail. Lucky for me this skill has saved me more than once and I thought I would share some of my experiences with you.

After an active monsoon storm I learned to pay attention to the news and where the storms travel. I traveled to my client’s home in the affected area and found a downed tree over the sidewalk and street. It is important to know that just shutting off the water while away is not enough!

I have experienced 2 situations where listening to strange noises and locating them saved my clients thousands of dollars in pool and plumbing repairs. Another summer storm left tree debris in a clients backyard and pool and the pool vacuum had sucked up a palm tree frond. It was trying desperately to swallow it and the screaming noise was ear piercing. After days of this the pool system could have been damaged. Another pool was making a loud noise while I was staying at the home and it turned out to be a leak that would have cost the owner thousands if not dealt with immediately.

I have found toilets to choose the most in opportune time to malfunction. As I walked into my client’s home at a weekly check, I noticed humidity and heard a strange hissing sound coming from the Master bedroom. After inspection I found the tubing under the toilets tank had let loose due to a plastic piece that had cracked and broke loose.

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